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Emerald City USA, Inc.
Sid Weinstein, CEO/Founder

A Legacy project for my peers and I to establish before we depart from this incredible Earthly journey. We have been blessed to have accumulated over the years great health and wealth. We must join hands, together to help produce a healthier and better life for those less fortunate residents of planet Earth. We the members of this elite club have achieved unimaginable success in the business world. Now, we are positioned to positively change lives through this project. Emerald City will create thousands of jobs, will change the world in new energy and technologies for the future generations.

I just turned 81 and I’m just getting started. I have been thinking of what is important in life, is it buying expensive cars or Rolex watches? No, what is important is to leave a Legacy that could help and benefit the next generations of which we have messed up without thinking of the problems that we created for them. Climate Change is real and it’s time we also changed in the way we deal with it. Join me to find the solutions to make the world a safer and stronger place for our children and the future generations to live in.

As a board member and consultant for this much needed Paris Treaty movement. I fully endorse that the USA must join the rest of the World in recognizing that Global Climate Change is real and happening now, we must wake up to change the way we plan and build projects to with-stand these changes.

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“Climate change is real, make the world safer and stronger“

Emerald City Technology; We will use the newest technologies to increase all new construction to withstand wind loads to over 200 miles per hour and never corrode due to replacing steel rebar with Basalt rebar, which is three times stronger than steel and ten times lighter. The concrete will be a minimum of 15 thousand psi, much stronger than any concrete used today. Waste treatment power plants with no emissions and no landfill, etc. We must start to build smarter and stronger to keep up with global warming climate changes.