Climate Change is Real, Make the World Stronger

Building smarter to withstand the effects of Global Warming

Our Mission

DevastationFoundation.Org., is a non profit foundation formed, sponsored and created by Emerald City USA, Inc., Sid Weinstein, Founder/CEO.

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Paris Treaty

As a board member and consultant for this much needed Paris Treaty movement. I fully endorse that the USA must join the rest of the World in

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New Technology

We will use the newest technologies to increase all new construction to withstand wind loads to over 200 miles per hour and never corrode due to replacing

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Basalt RebarBasalt Rebar is an alternative to steel and fiberglass for reinforcing concrete. Made from volcanic rock basalt rebar is tough, stronger than steel
COR-TUF ULTRACor-Tuf is a superior UHPC that develops exceptional strength and ductility dramatically higher than regular concrete. Its nominal strength, as shown
ECOncreteECOncrete® technologies mitigate human impacts by enhancing ecosystem services and elevating biodiversity in urbanized shorelines, while on the
D4 EnergyD4 Energy Group was founded on the belief that through advanced technology we can have an impact on our global quest for clean energy and a green planet.
ARMATRON SYSTEMSArmatron Systems is able to construct stronger, more appealing, and more energy efficient structures on or off site at about 25 to 50 times faster than conventional construction speeds, providing cost-effective sustainable global solutions for casting a new future.
TetraPOTTetraPOT is a sea defence system made of concrete. It comes with plant seeds in a decomposable pot. Randomly distributed TetraPOTs along coastlines will eventually interlock to create a long-lasting sea defense of growing trees and roots that help keep the blocks in place.

Become a Citizen Producer

Each year, 24 Hours of Reality brings the world together for one full day to talk about the reality of the climate crisis and how we can solve it. Read More…..

Take Action

Here’s the truth: Over 70 percent of Americans want the federal government to prioritize clean energy, according to a March 2017 Gallup Poll. Read More….

Join Reality

On December 4-5, we’re bringing the world together for one full day to tell the stories of citizens taking action to end the climate crisis with 24 Hours of  Read More……


Cities adopt the Paris Climate Agreement goals
384 Climate Mayors, representing 68 million Americans,
commit to uphold the Paris Goals

Emerald City USA

Blueprint For Future Development


A concept for a new iconic indoor, sustainable, green, renewable energy “Smart City” as a model [...]


Patriot Village USA Homes Circular dome shape offers maximum protection against Hurricane-Force [...]